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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

20 Massage Tips for (the rest of) 2020 #8

Many people never want their massage to end, but just because it is over, doesn't mean you have to immediately hop up and run. After your massage, your body has been through quite an experience; your muscles have been moved around, your circulation and other fluids have been pushed around, and you are (hopefully) in a massively relaxed and almost zoned-out state. Just leaping up off the table can make you dizzy, or your newly-softened muscles may not allow you to stand up strongly, and make your legs more like those of a baby deer for a moment, before everything redistributes and gets back to normal. Take a minute to "wake up" and get up slowly from the table before getting dressed to leave. Your therapist should leave you a little bit of time after your massage so that they are not rushed between appointments, so therefore you should use that time to keep your sense of calm and relaxation going before stepping back into the bright world. Your body will thank you.

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