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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

4 Things About Massage During The Summer

4 things about massage during the summer

1. Sunburn is a contraindication for a massage

Short Answer: While there are some spa-based treatments to help the pain caused by a sunburn, massage is not one of them. A sunburn is a burn, which is a temporary injury to the skin, so massage needs to not happen until the burn has started to heal.

More details: When the skin is damages, as it is by a burn, the cells need time to regenerate and heal, so that is why a burn is a contraindication (or a reason that massage should not be done in order to not do more harm) for massage. Even though a sunburn is considered a very mild burn and not as bad as say burning your finger on the stove, it is usually more widespread and so the body needs more time to heal. Bringing more blood flow to and rubbing the burned area will make it more painful and actually stop it from healing. It is best to wait until it gets a little more faded to get a massage.

4 things about massage during the summer

2. Is it sweat or a fever?

Short answer: When it is hot out, it is natural to sweat and not feel your best, but before going in for a massage appointment, if you are sweaty, be sure it is from the weather and not being sick.

More details: Summer is hot and sweaty - we canl't deny that. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if we are hot from sweat or if we are coming down with something. Usually it is easy to tell the difference, but coming into a massage sick or while fighting something might not actually make you feel better, it can overtax your organs that are trying to fight something off and actually make you feel sicker and worse. Plus, if you are fighting a fever, you could very well be contagious, so coming in for a massage puts your therapist and everyone else in the office space at risk of catching whatever you have, so it is just a common courtesy to stay home and reschedule if you are sick.

4 things about massage during the summer

3. Summer footwear can mean dirtier feet

Short answer: Flip Flops and sandals are a comfortable and sensible choice of shoe for summer, but between that and increased outdoor activities, they can also allow the feet to get dirtier faster. Your massage therapist appreciates a quick check and wipe-down of dirty feet before your appointment.

More details: Massage therapists do not judge bodyies, body type, or condemn people for coming to their appointments from wherever they are coming from. I'd rather you make it to your appointment right after work or coming straight from the gym than not scheduling an appointment at all because you're too busy. However, with summer comes shoes that let a lot of dirt accumulate onto the feet. Massage therapists are trained to handle dirty feet, but it is a courtesy to try and not force someone to touch a completely filthy body part. Even just a quick stop in the restroom before an appointment and a swift wipe with a paper towel would be greatly appreciated.

4 things about massage during the summer

4. Post-massage water is even more important

Short answer: There are a lot of reasons your massage therapist tells you to drink water after your massage, but during the heat of the summer, it is even more important to stay well-hydrated, both before and after your massage.

More details: Your massage therapist always tells you to drink water after your massage for a number of reasons that include things like keeping the muscles hydrated and continuing aiding in the increased circulation doing it's thing. You can actually read a whole article about why we tell you to hydrate by clicking here. But during the summer, drinking extra water is especially important because the increased warm temperatures causes you to sweat more and therefore you need the extra hydration. Getting dehydrated can put extra strain on the kidneys and other vital organs, and overall make you feel less energetic, dizzy, and ill feeling. If the heat and humidity is aready making you feel dehydrated, add the functions of a massage ont op of it, and your body needs double the fluids to stay healthy. So don't skimp of water following your massage, especially during the summer.

4 things about massage during the summer

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