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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

Mini Massage Lesson: Hand

Typing, gardening, cleaning, cooking - your hands go through a lot. See how to get a small amount of quick relief between your massage appointments with our 'Mini Massage Lesson'.

*For all of these massage strokes, you are never limited to only the amount of reps, time, or direction demonstrated in the video unless otherwise stated - repeat techniques as many times or as long as you feel like you need. I can only show so much in a 30-second video!

To massage your hand, you want to work on the part in between the metacarpal bones.

Using your thumb or two fingers, press and do small circles or straight slides up in the space between the bones, across the palm and up between the fingers. *Not shown in the video, but you can also do this on the back of the hand as well

Gently grab each finger and pull away from the palm while gently twisting. (You may feel like you are pulling your fingers out of their sockets, but you won't.)

Finish by taking your fist and digging it into the palm of the hand, rotating and twisting it, while moving around the palm.

Other things you can do to massage your hands include squeezing a stress ball or rolling your hand on a tennis ball, tin can, or water bottle.

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