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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

Massage Tips and Trivia: The best compliment you can give your Massage Therapist is a referral

"The best compliment you can give your Massage Therapist is a referral"

While your massage therapist usually loves what they do, and are in their profession in order to help others, it is still a profession. New and repeat clients are what keep therapists able to do what they do and many times no clients means no paycheck. Sure, therapists can advertise to get new clients, but how often do we tune out advertising, or wonder if the claims in the ads are actually true? If you find that your massage therapist has done what you need them to do, and provided you relief, relaxation, or whatever - your testimonial and willingness to tell others about them is more valuable than any advertising. Massage is such a personal thing, word of mouth from someone who has first-hand experience and can answer questions creates trust and confidence in the therapist before the session even starts.

Some clients show their appreciation for their therapist simply by rebooking - and that is awesome. Some leave tips at the end of their session, but some places of employment don't allow tips, or sometimes tipping isn't appropriate. Referrals to help the therapist gain new clients is the absolute best thing that you can do to help your therapist and show your appreciation. Not only does it help the therapist gain new clients, it also affirms to them that they are doing a good job helping you and working to achieve your goals. Even those who support others need support themselves sometimes! Plus, if you think about it, giving your therapist a referral to a friend or colleague is actually not only helping out one person, but two - your therapist and your friend. So your good word can be a very powerful (and much appreciated) thing.

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