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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

Massage Tips and Trivia: Massage isn't just for people - animals can also benefit from massage

"Massage isn't just for people - animals can also benefit from getting a massage."

People love massage, and it has so many benefits. It may seem odd to think that animals can also benefit from massage therapy as well. Some may argue - I get massage for stress reduction - animals don't get stressed. Don't they? How would you feel if you were hungry, irritated, or in pain, and nobody can understand what you're telling them? If something scares you and won't go away, and you can't escape, that's stressful, right? Animals can very easily get stressed. Likewise, some people use massage to recover from injury or keep their muscles loose, strong, and high-functioning - especially athletes and people who do physical labor. Racehorses and farm animals also need their muscles high-functioning to perform at their best and suffer when their muscles are sore or injured.

There are people who specialize in massage for animals, often specializing in either large or small animals. There is also lots of information about using various techniques such as acupressure or energy work to help animals with everything from anxiety, to behavioral issues. Just the simple act of petting an animal is actually a basic form of massage that anyone can do, and studies show that this can not only help the animal, it can help lower "stress" hormones and increase "happy" hormones of the person doing the petting - so massaging animals is actually a win-win!

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