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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

20 Massage Tips for (the rest of) 2020 #6

How often do we have the best intentions to do something, but then days, weeks, months later you realize - "Wait, I had wanted to do that... oh well, too late now!"? Massage is the same way. If massage therapy isn't a regular part of your routine, or only an occasional treat, it may be difficult to make it a priority. It is easy to get a massage, feel great, and decide "I need to make sure I do this more often" but then as the massage ends, it is equally as easy to say "I'll schedule another one once I have a chance to look at my calendar" or "Let's hold off and see if someone gives me a gift certificate for my birthday coming up", or "Let's see how I feel tomorrow".

If you are serious about integrating massage into your wellness or self-care routine, one way to get it into your regular schedule is to make another appointment before you walk out the door. If you schedule in advance, you not only avoid a 'distracted-and-forgot' situation, you also may have a better pick of available times and days, plus you may potentially get ahead of any chronic issues that cause you problems. If you have an appointment scheduled in advance, you are guaranteed an appointment before you may need it, rather than running into a situation where your neck hurts and the therapist is totally booked up that day/week, etc and you are suffering until there is an opening. In most cases, it is easier to get on the schedule and change it if something comes up rather than trying to get on the schedule at the last minute.

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