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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

20 Massage Tips for (the rest of) 2020 #18

Time is valuable. And committing to getting a massage takes time. Some people dismiss the idea of getting a massage because either they don't feel they can lay still for a long time, or they feel that an hour is just too much time to take out of their day. I feel that - it can be difficult to get away, and sometimes when there is a lot going on, the thought of staying still not doing something for an hour would drive me crazy because that is a whole hour that isn't getting stuff done. However, massage doesn't need to be a long, formal process to be effective. A simple 15-minute chair massage which doesn't require disrobing can do wonders for stress, and that over-tight back, neck, and shoulders and doesn't take that much time out of your day, or require you to be still for that long. Even a short massage fits into the category of "something is better than nothing". If time is an issue for whatever reason, there is a massage option that fits what you need.

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