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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

Massage Tips and Trivia: Massage helps employee satisfaction and productivity

"Employees who receive massage during the work day report that they are more productive, less stressed, and have overall greater job satisfaction."

While we all strive to have a job that we love, sometimes work just gets to be not our favorite thing. For a business owner or manager who oversees employees, it is well known that the work that needs to get done doesn't get done well if the people doing the work aren't at their best, which creates a ripple effect that can ultimately effect the whole business. So if happy employees mean better business, what can be done for those employees? Well, good working conditions are a huge start. Studies have shown that integrating self care practices into the workplace can do a lot to help employees stay healthy, focused, and and not hate their jobs. Many offices have started integrating things such as wellness clubs where employees can go for walks or participate in other non-extreme exercise during lunch, or setting aside time and space in the offices themselves for quiet meditation, yoga, or other things to help clear their minds.

Some massage therapists can even travel to offices with their massage chairs to give employees massage - whether it is a routine once a month, or just for special occasions such as employee appreciation events or a wellness fair. Chair massages are perfect for offices because they don't take up a lot of room, they do not require that the person receiving the massage disrobe or remove any clothing, and the areas most easily focused on are the neck, back, and shoulders - the biggest areas of trouble for people who sit at a desk or in front of a computer all day long.

Just a quick massage during the work day can have a profound effect on someone's attitude during that work day. Massage can release good endorphins to help them feel good, and feeling good helps improve mental clarity which allows them to focus. Improved focus means better efficiency and creativity so the quality of the work improves as well. Plus if the employee is in less pain from repetitive posture positions, they are also more likely to focus better and ultimately long term, may need to take less time off for doctor's appointments, physical therapy, etc. So while massage therapy is a very personal and beneficial thing for an individual, it can also serve a great purpose for many in many different ways.

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