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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

4 things your massage therapist appreciates

4 things your massage therapist appreciates

1. You arrive for your appointment on time

Short Answer: Your massage therapist does their best to respect your time, but they can’t do that if you are late. Sometimes a therapist’s appointments are scheduled very tight together, so a late arrival may not let them give you the best appointment they can.

More details: Respect is a 2-way street. Massage appointments are scheduled for a reason - to make sure that each person getting a massage can have a dedicated, uninterrupted time just to focus on them. While we understand if something unexpected comes up that may cause a delay in arrival, if that happens, the therapist will do their best to honor as much of the appointment as possible, but one person's lateness can't then "cheat" the next clients of their time. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, while arriving early is a great way to ensure that you arrive on time, arriving too early (such as 20-30 minutes early) can also be frustrating if that falls in the therapist's only break between clients or shrinks the time that they have to clean and turn over their rooms.

4 things your massage therapist appreciates

2. Your feet are clean

Short answer: We understand that sometimes time is tight, and sometimes someone has to come to their massage straight from work, the gym, or barely getting the kids out the door in the morning. Nonetheless, dirty, sweaty, or smelly bodies can inhibit the effectiveness of some massage strokes, so a quick wipe down is greatly appreciated.

More details: While massage therapists don't judge bodies - all bodies are different in shape and size - it does make our jobs easier if they are clean. First of all, it is healthier. Skin that is dirty or sweaty could be covered with unexpected bacteria that can infect the therapist, or get their hands dirty, negating the sanitization that is important when in a medical setting like a massage room. Also, sweat and dirt can mix with the oils and lotions used during a massage and create a muddy sludge that makes the massage strokes ineffective and uncomfortable. Lastly, it's just polite to be clean for someone who is going to touch your skin.

4 things your massage therapist appreciates

3. Good Communication

Short answer: When your therapist gives you an intake form or asks questions before or during your appointment, it isn’t just for idle chitchat. We want to make sure that you are getting what you need out of your session, whether it is more or less pressure, the feel of a stretch, or a specific sore spot. And your feedback is important as well - silence isn’t golden if something isn’t right.

More details: While massage therapists can find some pretty amazing things in the muscles while they are working, such as tight spots, inflammation, and more - we aren't mind readers, and often we truly can't tell if the spot we are digging into feels good or horribly painful. No matter how tight a muscle or area is, massage should not hurt to the point where it is painful. Many people believe "no pain, no gain" when it comes to therapy, but that is not the case. Massage can be adjusted to achieve the desired result without intense pain, but good and clear communication between therapist and client is important to make sure this happens.

4 things your massage therapist appreciates

4. Referrals and positive reviews

Short answer: The best thing you can give your massage therapist is a recommendation to someone else who may benefit from a massage, or by leaving a positive review on their Google Business page or website.

More details: If your massage therapist does a good job, share the love! The world would be a much better place if everyone was pain-free and happy, so if you know someone who is hurting, stressed out, or has anything that you have, share what your therapist can do for them. Massage therapists' most valuable marketing tool is good words from the people they have helped. Writing a referral on their website or business page is incredibly helpful, as is giving them a nice quote and permission to use the quote in their marketing can be something your therapist can use and truly appreciates.

 4 things your massage therapist appreciates

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