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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

4 Ways to introduce someone to massage

4 ways to introduce someone to massage

1. Get them a gift certificate

Short Answer: Despite it's many health benefits, many people still view massage as a treat, and people are often not inclined to treat themselves to something new. A gift certificate can be a gentle push of encouragement to try something new.

More details: Not only should people not feel guilty about treating themselves, massage therapy is so much more than a special treat. It is very beneficial to health and well-being and makes a wonderful addition to a self-care and health routine. Nonetheless, sometimes people need a little nudge to get going, and a gift of a massage may be the perfect thing to encourage them to get their first massage to get started.

4 ways to introduce someone to massage

2. Encourage them to try a chair massage

Short answer: Chair massage is a great way to have a simple massage, on most people's most troubled areas (back, neck, and shoulders), without the anxiety of disrobing or taking a large amount of time. It is a great way to experience the benefits of massage in a low-pressure way.

More details: Chair massages are found in many places. Occasionally they can be found at airports or shopping malls, farmer's markets, festivals, or workplace self-care fairs. If you are with someone who isn't familiar with massage, get a chair massage and encourage them to try. It is much less intimidating than a spa or other "official" massage appointment, it is usually quite quick, and provides some great relief easily which could encourage someone to want to try more massage.

4 ways to introduce someone to massage

3. Educate them when you see they could need it.

Short answer: Do you see your friend rubbing their neck when on their phone? Or squirming when sitting at their desk? How about how they move while doing a sports activity? If you see them in discomfort, talk to them about how massage could help them especially if massage helped you with something similar.

More details: Sometimes people are so used to dealing with "everyday" aches and pains, they have just accepted that something always hurts. If you see them struggling, talk to them about how you've noticed they are hurting, and share your experiences with massage. Sometimes massage hasn't even crossed their mind as something that can help, or they think that massage wouldn't be able to help their issue, so some encouragement from someone who's been there and gotten relief could help them.

4 ways to introduce someone to massage

4. Start them young

Short answer: Introducing regular massage to children can start them on understanding and becoming familiar with the benefits of massage early on and start them on a lifetime of healthy choices.

More details: Just like adults don't necessarily need to be hurting to receive a massage, neither do children or infants. Young humans also have physical and mental stresses, as well as aches and pains. Massage for children can help their focus, restlessness, help them sleep, and encourage brain development and coordination. Developing good and healthy habits in children is part of childhood - whether it is buckling up properly in the car, wearing a helmet when biking, eating healthy foods, or brushing their teeth regularly, massage to help feel better can also be a regular habit that can teach children how to include something to keep themselves healthy as they get older.

4 ways to introduce someone to massage

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