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4 Things about massage for sore shoulders

4 Things about massage for shore shoulders

1. Just about everyone holds their stress in their shoulders

Short Answer: Our necks and shoulders go through a lot. From how we sit at work, stare at our phones, or just tense up when stressed, it usually hits our shoulders first. Massage can help ease the tightness and tension in this area to relieve some of that pain.

More details: Sitting in the same position for long periods of time, or letting stuff like stress and tension build up can cause our muscles to tighten up which restricts their ability to move and decreases circulation which muscles need to be healthy. Massage brings all this back by softening the muscles, increasing circulation, and additionally helps the body release stress-fighting hormones to help get rid of some of the underlying causes of the sore shoulders.

4 Things about massage for shore shoulders

2. Massage increases range of motion

Short answer: When muscles tighten up, they don't move as much or as easily, which can cause them to tighten up more. Massage helps increase the muscles' ability to move and stretch.

More details: Often we ignore minor aches and pains since they "aren't that bad" or "aren't causing any major issues". Unfortunately, when ignored, small issues can snowball into bigger issues that are harder to fix. Tight muscles don't stretch the way they are designed to stretch and that can cause more issues over time.

4 Things about massage for shore shoulders

3. Healthy muscles don't re-tighten up as quickly

Short answer: It is inevitable that your shoulders are going to get tight and sore. Regular massage can "head off" the tightness and create longer spans of time before things get super tight and painful again.

More details: Think preventatively instead of reactively and your muscles will thank you by not getting cranky as fast. Think of it this way: If you only eat breakfast and skip lunch, by dinner you are absolutely starving and tend to overeat, but if you equally space out your meals and snacks, by dinner time you aren't as hungry and cranky. Same with your muscles. If you keep them loose and healthy, they won't get as painful, tight, and spasm-y as quickly.

4 Things about massage for shore shoulders

4. Shoulders can be massaged easily

Short answer: Fortunately, shoulders can be massaged pretty easily, even just in a massage chair, eliminating the need for a lot of time, oils, undressing, etc while still getting the maximum benefits of massage on that specific sore area.

More details: Many people shy away from massage because they feel they don't have enough time, or they are intimidated by the thought of having to undress, lay on a table, etc. Shoulders are easily accessible to massage without all the "formalities" of a traditional massage. A simple chair massage which doesn't require disrobing or a lot of time will be just as effective. Alternately, a simple shoulder rub while sitting at your desk or really anywhere can also suffice to get massage for those sore shoulders.

4 things about massage for sore shoulders

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