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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

4 Interesting places I've done chair massage

4 interesting chair massage locations

1. Offices

Short Answer: Studies say that employees who are relaxed and happy are around 13% more productive and have greater job satisfaction. I’ve done chair massages at office health fairs, as employee rewards, and special

holiday treats.

More details: The workplace is where most people spend a majority of their waking time. They are also the places where people develop the majority of their chronic aches and pains due to long hours of sitting or standing and many times, staring at a computer. Bringing chair massage into the office can help employees from getting too horribly stiff and sore, and chairs make it great because they can move around, and don't require people to disrobe to receive their massage making it quick and easy.

4 interesting chair massage locations

2. Bridal and Baby showers, Bachelorette Parties

Short answer: Any time there is a party or get-together, chair massage is a great addition because the chair allows for guests to geta nice relaxing massage without the time and mess of disrobing, plus they won’t miss any of the action since the chair can be located near the rest of the party.

More details: A little bit of pampering is always welcome, and having chair massage at an event can elevate the experience for guests, while making sure that they don't miss anything happening at the party. Depending on the there therapist, some places may also offer spa treatments in addition to the massages, making the entertaining portion of the party easy and fun.

4 interesting chair massage locations

3. Trade Shows, Health and Self-Care Fairs

Short answer: Trade shows and health fairs are great places to explore and find different information about many different things, but they also usually involve a lot of walking or standing around. Chair massage can be a great, easy introduction to massage or a nice break during the day.

More details: Very few people who like massage will pass up a free chair massage if offered. Since getting in and out of the chair is pretty easy, the number of people who can get a massage at an event is pretty large, and the chair does allow for the recipient and therapist to talk, so it is a great way to get any questions answered or for the therapist to provide information about other services, or education on the massage itself.

4 interesting chair massage locations

4. Fundraisers

Short answer: Sometimes having different options can help an organization maximize the donations brought in for the fundraiser, and having chair massage available allows many people to get quick massages in a short amount of time.

More details: One of the very first massages I ever did with my chair was a fundraiser for the Four Diamonds Fund. My neighbor's child had recently been diagnosed with a stage 4 germ cell tumor and the family had gotten involved with the 4 Diamonds Fund and were organizing a fundraiser. I brought my chair just to help them out by having something for people to do, then people started handing me tips to go towards the fundraiser, so it all worked out really well for everyone involved. (My neighbor's child is today totally cancer-free, BTW!)

4 interesting chair massage locations

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