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  • Karen Stoner, LMT

20 Massage Tips for (the rest of) 2020 #10

Your therapist wants to make sure your massage gives you both relaxation, and help with your problem areas. Despite the perspective of the one on the table, every massage is not exactly the same. Therapists do their best to allot certain amounts of time to certain areas, based on what you need. For example, if you say your hamstrings and low back are sore today, your therapist may spend less time on your arms and quads to make sure they can spend additional time on the hamstrings and low back since those are the trouble spots of the day. If you don't mention that the low back hurts until they get to the low back, the time isn't allotted well, and something else may end up getting skipped or rushed so that the needed time can be spent on the trouble spot, if there even is time left. So when your therapist asks you at the beginning of the massage "What is bothering you today?" be sure to not hold back and let them know about everything you need help with.

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