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A Caring Touch: Massage Therapy

COVID-19 Safety Protocol

In order to keep everyone who visits my office for a massage safe and healthy, the following protocol will be put in place for the time being until we get the instruction that the COVID-19 virus is no longer a threat.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Update 6/19/21
While many mandates are slowly being lifted, we are easing some of our protocols but keeping some in place. Mainly the ones we are keeping in place, you will barely notice are there, but we want you to be aware that we are continuing to ensure your safety until this is 100% gone.


1. Time between appointments will remain at 30 min, but may be shortened depending on the service and level of cleaning the room needs. Clients who arrive early for appointments may not be able to start their appointments early like I usually do to allow for full room cleaning time.


2. Waterproof moisture barriers will still be used under sheets and face rest covers as an additional layer of protection between the sheets and the table. All sheets and moisture barriers will continue to be changed between clients and washed with bleach before being used again.


3. Hand sanitizer will be available for clients to use at the main desk upon entering and exiting the office.


4. Massage products (lotions, oils, etc) will be dispensed into single-use disposable containers to avoid cross-contamination via product containers such as lotion bottles.


5. Between appointments, the table, product containers, and the rest of the room including tables, chair, door handles, and coat rack will be cleaned with both bleach wipes and Barbicide.


6. The room will be sanitized with a UVC sanitizing light for 60 minutes at the end of the day. There is also a UV air purifier in the room that will run throughout the day and overnight.


7. Therapist will continue to wash hands before and after every client.


8. With masking mandates lifted, masks are no longer required and are optional for vaccinated individuals. We will not ask your vaccination status, but trust that you are respecting those around you with your masking choices. If you wish to wear a mask, or for the office staff to wear a mask, we will do so.

9. I, (the therapist) am fully vaccinated and my certificate is on display in my room, however I may continue to wear a mask during massage treatments while in the closed treatment room. I do work on a high volume of individuals in a closed in space, plus I have unvaccinated family members and I teach small children who are unable to be vaccinated and some students have at-risk family members, so for their protection, I may continue to wear my mask during treatments.

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